Pros and Cons of Windshield Tint

Window tint has slowly gotten more and more popular, both for its aesthetic look but real benefits, too. This tinting movement actually started back in the late 1940s and soon developed additionally for privacy on limousines. Now, almost 80 years later, tinting windows has more benefits than initially imagined, but it also has some drawbacks as well. The experts at Arizona Auto Glass will break down the pros and cons of windshield tint in this article.

Pros of Windshield Tint

Privacy. Arguably the best factor of having tinted windows is the privacy that comes with it, and this will often be the first thing customers mention to us for their desire for windshield tint.

Protects your car from getting broken into. Similar to privacy, windshield tint can also deter criminals from breaking into your car because the tinted windows won’t reveal any left behind cell phones, wallets, or other valuables in your car.

Protection against UV rays. With quality window tint, your car will do a good job of keeping UV rays and heat out. This will make your car cooler, more comfortable, and easier for the driver’s eyes. But windshield tint will, more importantly, help protect the car’s upholstery that the hot, beaming sun (especially in Arizona) can eventually wear down.

Protection in a car crash. Many people don’t realize this about tinted windows, but they are stronger than non-tinted windows. Tint acts as a protective layer in the windshield that can prevent the glass from shattering, providing a more durable and safer vehicle element.

Cons of Windshield Tint

Potential visibility issues. There can be a thing as too much tint, and sometimes it can take a driver a little bit to get used to it. Particularly in a blizzard or foggy day, dark windshield tint can make it more difficult to see the roadway. You should discuss window tinting with a team of experts before altering your vehicle.

Cost and time to add windshield tint. While these are both minimal, it’s still an altercation to your vehicle that requires some money, time, and effort to implement.

Restrictions for tinting in your windshield and windows. While there can be too much tint for some people, others often will even want to tint their windows darker. However, there are state laws that will prevent a certain degree of tint. For example, in Arizona, sedans, SUVs, or vans must have a VLT (visible light transmission) percentage greater than 33%. AZ Auto Glass has discussed this topic more in-depth in a previous blog if you’re curious to learn more, but pointing out that there are regulations and restrictions for window tint is certainly a con.

Poor quality tint, if you do it yourself. Many vehicle owners try to take a stab at tinting their windows by themselves, but unfortunately, it can end badly. You can damage a window, purchase a low-quality tint, or mess up to affect your visibility as a driver. This is why we highly recommend visiting us for window tinting. We’ll give you professional advice and superior service all while not breaking your bank to personalize and improve your vehicle.

Arizona Auto Glass for Your Windshield Tinting Needs and More

If you’re looking to make your car more comfortable, private, and safer, then window tinting is the service for you. Arizona Auto Glass is a full-service auto glass shop and we guarantee satisfaction. We can handle your windshield replacement, auto glass repair, windshield calibration, and window tinting.

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