How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading

Getting a crack on your windshield might be one of the most frustrating things to happen to your car (especially while driving) because it often ends up being a problem you can’t ignore, you just can’t get it out of your sight. A windshield crack can happen from a number of reasons, most often including:

  • Debris from gravel roads (drive slowly and carefully) 
  • Driving too closely behind construction vehicles or semi trucks (so it’s best to maintain your distance, or may end up costing you) 
  • Sudden and extreme temperature changes will cause stress to the glass
  • Other weather debris, such as hail or acorns/branches from an overhanging tree 

As a quick warning, once a crack on your windshield exceeds the length of a dollar bill (about six inches), the entire windshield will need to be replaced; the crack itself unfortunately cannot be fixed on its own. If you are in doubt about or have any questions about your windshield, don’t hesitate to contact us at Arizona Auto Glass Pros. Our team of professionals is ready to quickly offer any advice or service that you may need. 

And, we are also here to give you some quick tips for how to prevent that pesky crack on your windshield from spreading even more. 

Stopping the Spread of a Windshield Crack

Seal it. Using your choice of substances, between clear tape, super glue, or even nail polish, to fill the crack in your windshield will stabilize the glass and prevent more pressure from resting on the windshield. But make sure to clean the windshield with a cleaner and paper towels before filling the crack with anything, so it will have a better effect. The windshield evenly distributes pressure as a single piece of glass, so taking pressure away from it by any means is a viable option. 

Treat the car delicately. This method applies to both driving and even exiting the car. As mentioned, the windshield crack reacts negatively to too much pressure. So, excessive speed, sudden stops, or violent turns will not end up great for your windshield. This will fluctuate the pressure and cause more stress for the crack and have it spread. 

Additionally, driving cautiously will prevent some of the causes for a windshield crack, such as debris from gravel or semi trucks. Any more of these items hitting your windshield will only exacerbate the crack. Even shutting your car door too hard is bad since it will exert a jolt or stress to it that may hurt the windshield. 

Protect against weather conditions. Parking your car in a garage or in the shade will help by not having direct sunlight causing the glass to expand, which makes the crack worse. 

And what can be worse than extreme heat is a drastic temperature change. While heat makes glass expand, the cold will cause it to contract. This sudden change to the windshield’s temperature will make it warp, causing more damage to the existing crack or it will, even worse, cause an entirely new crack. 

Final Thoughts  

Unfortunately, the dirty secret about these methods to prevent a windshield crack from spreading is that these are not long term solutions. Over time, you can’t avoid all of the potential causes to a windshield crack from expanding (and eventually exceeding the size of a dollar bill, which will require a full windshield replacement), especially the temperature changes and pressures to a windshield that naturally come while driving. A damaged windshield can make accidents more dangerous, cause driver distractions, and be unappealing (both as a driver or passenger). It’s your car, and you should treat it with the best possible care. 

The best thing to do is get a windshield serviced as soon as you can. Preventing its spread is only to help you get proper service when it’s most convenient for you. But you don’t have to worry, because Arizona Auto Glass Pros has you covered. We offer mobile and onsite projects to best suit your preference and busy schedule, so fixing your windshield can be a painless process.