Windshield Replacement Cost: Everything You Need To Know

The windshield is one of the most fragile components in a car. Some damages can be fixed, but most necessitate replacing the windshield. The charges vary rather greatly, depending on a range of factors. It helps to know what to expect to avoid rude surprises. 

Here is an overview of windshield replacement costs in Mesa, AZ.  

Average Windshield Replacement Costs 

It is important to keep in mind that windshield replacement costs vary greatly. However, they average between $100 and $400 for popular and common car models. 

Many drivers with comprehensive car insurance pay only a fraction of this amount as the deductible. Arizona Auto Glass Pros works with many insurance providers for the most affordable windshield replacement services in Mesa. 

Why Prices Vary 

The average cost of windshield replacement varies by as much as $300. What’s more? Some windshields cost thousands of dollars to replace. Prices vary considerably because of a range of factors, including: 

  • Vehicle’s Make & Model 

Windshield replacement costs more for luxury vehicle makes and models than common models. This is especially true if the auto glass dealer has to source the windshield directly from the car manufacturer, which is the case with rare high-end models. 

Additionally, many luxury vehicles have unique dimensions that are not compatible with generic (aftermarket) windshields, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshields are necessary. However, it is worth noting that while OEM windshields cost more, they are of better quality than aftermarket windshields. 

Classic and collectible vehicles’ windshields are also expensive. In many cases, these windshields are out of production and have to be custom-made, making them incredibly expensive. Labor costs for repairing these vehicles are also higher than average. 

Windshield replacement costs for common vehicle makes’ and models’ are fairly affordable. These models are compatible with many aftermarket windshields.

  • Sensors & Additional Features 

Many of the modern vehicle makes and models feature a range of driver assistance and safety features. These include lane departure warning, lane keep assistance, blindspot monitoring, and rear parking assistance. Additionally, many modern windshields can sense when it starts raining. 

Most of these features require sensors to work properly. These sensors are usually located directly behind the windshield in most makes and models. In most cases, the replacement windshield must be sourced from the vehicle’s manufacturer (OEM) for the sensors to match. 

Replacing these sensors adds to the cost of replacing the windshield. Additionally, replacing the wipers (which are often damaged when the windshield is damaged) also adds to the overall cost. Tinted windshields also cost more compared to clear ones. 

  • Insurance Coverage 

Windshield replacement costs are greatly reduced if your insurance coverage covers the service. In many cases, the driver only pays a deductible, which is usually a fraction of the overall cost. However, insurers are exercising more caution when offering to cover this service due to the increase in replacement costs thanks to sensors and other new technologies. 

Call Your Auto Glass Experts Today

Your choice of auto glass service provider also affects the windshield replacement costs. As such, it is important to find a trustworthy dealer. 

Check to see whether your chosen dealer offers upfront pricing and quotes, as this will give you an idea of how deep you have to dig into your pockets. It is also advisable to work with a dealer who accepts your insurance coverage (if windshield replacement is covered). It also helps if the dealer offers competitive prices and quality services. 

Arizona Auto Glass Pros meets all of these requirements and more. We offer the best windshield replacement services in Mesa at some of the most competitive costs. Get in touch today for a quote or to book your appointment.