Windshield Camera Calibration | ADAS Recalibration

Windshield Camera Calibration | ADAS Recalibration

What does driving look like now? When you slightly veer out of your lane, a lane departure warning beeps at you. If you can’t completely see in your blind spot, blind spot detection lights up on your side view mirror. Or if you want to take it a little easier on your road trip, you can turn on adaptive cruise control to automatically maintain a safe following distance with a car in front of you.

These are advanced driver-assistance systems, otherwise known as an ADAS. They help enhance the driving experience while—more importantly—increasing safety for drivers, passengers, and everyone near. As of 2018, almost 93% of new vehicles available in the United States had at least one ADAS feature. It’s very possible that the number has increased since then.

But advanced driver-assistance systems only work with a properly-calibrated windshield. That’s where you can get insight and help from the experts at Arizona Auto Glass Pros.

How Do Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Work?

ADAS features use various chips which connect to sensors through a vehicle. The sensors are powered by radars, monitors, and cameras to view the environment around them. With those perceptions, advanced driver-assistance systems can then communicate with the driver about any dangers within its immediate environment.

What Is Windshield Camera Calibration?

Windshields used to just be a piece of glass on your car, but now they’re responsible for assisting ADAS features. This is because there are sensors and other equipment mounted on the windshield.

So, a windshield replacement or repair used to be a simple process, but now any proper replacement requires calibration according to your vehicle’s ADAS features. If these sensors or cameras are even slightly off, then your advanced driver-assistance systems won’t be able to perceive the surrounding environment. And if your ADAS doesn’t function correctly, then your drive can be less safe than normal, especially if you are accustomed to ADAS features.

This is why automobile glass companies, like Arizona Auto Glass Pros, must offer recalibration services.

Do You Need to Calibrate the Camera After Windshield Replacement?

If your vehicle has even one ADAS feature, then yes, you need to have the camera calibration after windshield replacement. However, this shouldn’t be a different service after windshield replacement, because proper windshield replacement will offer ADAS recalibration. This is called a safety system recalibration. 

How Long Does Windshield Calibration Take?

The windshield calibration and windshield replacement process, as mentioned, are completed at the same time. Window replacement can typically take between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, whereas calibration takes between 30 to 45 minutes. So, on the low end, the entire process can take just over an hour.

How Does My Windshield Get De-Calibrated?

You might be wondering what would cause your windshield to need to get recalibrated in the first place, and there are a few answers to that. As we mentioned, the ADAS cameras and sensors need to be perfectly in sync to perceive your vehicle’s surrounding environment accurately and proactively communicate to you, the driver. Some things can throw these cameras and sensors off, including:

  • A windshield repair or replacement (which should be instantly recalibrated after with professional services)
  • Other miscellaneous car services, such as suspension repairs or fixes to the brakes
  • Any kind of car accident, whether a tiny fender or near-totaled accident

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