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Experienced ADAS System Calibrations in Mesa, AZ

Stay safe on the road with professional ADAS system calibration services from Arizona Auto Glass Pros in Mesa, AZ. We rely on ADAS systems to make our daily commute easier and to improve the safety of our vehicle. If your ADAS system isn’t working as it should, bring it to our shop for professional recalibration. Each system uses a variety of cameras and sensors to help control adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and other driver assistance features, but when they’re out of alignment, it could put your safety and comfort at risk. Our team will identify the cause of any issues you’re experiencing and present you with the best options for repair and recalibration. 

Ensure Your ADAS System Is Properly Aligned

At Arizona Auto Glass Pros, we use the latest technology to ensure everything is properly aligned to provide you with consistent service while you’re driving. When you have your windshield replaced, it often throws off your ADAS system’s calibration. No matter the make or model, we’ll calibrate the system to the manufacturer’s specifications using a range of calibration tools. We use both static and dynamic ADAS system calibration equipment to get your window system calibration exactly where it needs to be to provide you with consistent service, keeping you and other drivers safe.

Get professional ADAS system calibration services for your vehicle after having a windshield replaced to ensure everything is properly aligned and working as it should. Glass replacements often throw off the sensor and cameras in your vehicle, but our team will recalibrate them to keep your vehicle safe. 

Recalibrate your ADAS safety system by bringing your vehicle to Arizona Auto Glass Pros. We’ll use the latest calibration equipment to check and recalibrate your ADAS system and ensure every feature works as it should. 

Schedule an appointment for an ADAS system calibration by contacting our team today. We’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently to keep your vehicle’s safety and assistance systems working properly. 

Contact Arizona Auto Glass Pros for professional ADAS system calibration services to keep your driver assistance systems working as they should by calling (480) 302-9661!