Why Professional Windshield Replacement is Essential for the Integrity of Your Vehicle

Why Professional Windshield Replacement Is Essential for the Integrity of Your Vehicle

As the leading company providing windshield replacement in Arizona, our technicians answer hundreds of questions from car owners and fleet operators about why glass replacement, windshield damage remediation, and yearly health checks from a licensed auto glass service are essential.

As windshield repair and replacement specialists, we deal with hundreds of cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles that require immediate glass repair. People usually do not check their windshields until a chip or crack becomes highly visible from the driver’s seat, which indicates they need a replacement. Even the highest quality windshield can have a short lifespan under suboptimal operating conditions, rendering a vehicle unfit for the road.

In this explainer, our licensed technicians at Arizona Auto Glass Pros will outline why windshield replacement and repairs are essential for keeping your car roadworthy and your watercraft safe to use. We will also give you a few maintenance tips that will extend the life of your windshield and prolong your replacement intervals. For more detail, call our hotline, and receive a free consultation from our professional team.

Why Do Cars Need Well-Maintained Washers, Wipers, and Windshields?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, nearly 39,000 vehicular accidents occur annually because of poor visibility. The most prevalent causes include fog, adverse weather, and poorly maintained windshields. Your windshield puts a layer of protection between you and environmental elements, such as bugs, pebbles, and dust, and your wipers are responsible for keeping it clean.

Is Windshield Glass Different from the Other Windows in My Car?

Manufacturers use multi-layered laminated glass to create windshields that can withstand impact and weather-related damage. Windshields from Arizona Auto Glass Pros feature a high-quality polyvinyl butyral or PVB layer between two sheets of plane glass, which prevents them from shattering into a million pieces under heavy stress.

When you get into an accident or if someone throws a brick into your windshield while your car is moving, your windshield will crack or break while maintaining a cohesive structure instead of producing jagged shards of glass that could injure you or the people in your back seat. Your wiper blades, arms, and windshield nozzles create a self-maintaining system that requires little to no human intervention. However, our technicians usually see corrosion on wiper arms, cracked blades, and frame damage on the windshields of old cars.

Windshield materials are different from the glass on the rest of your automobile. Car makers usually make rear and side windows from tempered glass, which they manufacture by subjecting soda ash, sand, and limestone to temperatures exceeding 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooling it rapidly. Tempered glass disintegrates into rock-salt-sized pieces with heavy impact damage, making it a poor choice for windshield material.

Why Is Windshield Installation and Replacement in Arizona Essential?

Windshield replacement is one of our most-requested services at Arizona Auto Glass Pros. We provide free quotes to a growing roster of customers monthly, and they leave us stellar reviews on independent websites and online forums.

Keep the following in mind when considering if you should replace your windshield.

It Is Unsafe and Illegal to Drive with a Damaged Windshield

According to federal regulations from the Department of Transportation, private and professional motorists can not drive on public roads with windshield cracks exceeding a diameter of ¾ inches. Chips and scratches that intersect or impede your vision of the road will also prevent your vehicle from being roadworthy. Many states require car insurance companies to cover windshield replacements without deductibles as part of their standard offering.

Arizona Revised Statue 20-263 makes it illegal for insurance companies to raise your rates from a no-fault windshield replacement claim. A ticket for driving around with a damaged windshield will usually cost between $100 and $150 in most cities in Arizona. If you venture into neighboring states like California, an average ticket will cost $120 to $210 after court costs.

Windshield Replacements Make Your Car Safer in Rollovers

Automotive engineers manufacture two sheets of plane glass for your windshield to keep your car roof from folding during rollovers. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, your windshield is responsible for nearly 60% of the structural support your car requires to survive a rollover.

Research from Progressive reveals that rollovers were responsible for over 6,000 deaths on the road in 2019. You can prevent yourself from becoming a statistic with a brand-new or well-maintained windshield.

Windshield Replacements Improve the Effectiveness of Your Airbags

Windshields are usually the first components to break in a vehicular accident. They work as backstops for airbags, which deploy at speeds like 150 to 180 miles per hour, preventing you and your passengers from crashing headfirst into the plane glass in a head-on collision. A cracked windshield will not have the tensile strength to fulfill this role and will diminish the effectiveness of your airbags.

Protect Yourself and Your Passengers By Working with Windshield Experts

According to an investigation by FOX News and ABC’s 20/20, more than 70% of windshield replacements do not stand the test of time or are defective. Protect yourself and your passengers by getting a windshield replacement from licensed third-party providers. Whether you’re looking for OEM or aftermarket windshields, our glass experts Arizona Auto Glass Pros are the ones to call.

Call our customer service hotline by dialing 480-771-8784 and request a free consultation from a qualified technician. We will give you a free windshield replacement quote after assessing your needs.

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