What to Expect During a Windshield Replacement Appointment

What to Expect During a Windshield Replacement Appointment

Windshield replacement can prove costly, so you want to be sure you’re dealing with experts. Our team at Arizona Auto Glass Pros is your go-to repairer of windshield damage, from minor chips to complete replacements. We offer a same-day mobile service for your convenience. 

When you need a windshield replacement in Arizona, we’re the team to choose. Whether the damage is due to a rock chip or other accident, we can install your replacement windshield flawlessly. 

Setting Up the Appointment

We make it as easy as possible to set up your windshield replacement. We ask for the vehicle’s make and model to ensure we have the requisite part on hand. We keep a large stock of the most commonly-requested windshields and can source the others within a short period. 

When you’re ready to set up an appointment, give us a call and let us know when you want to bring in your vehicle. We’ll deal with the details in the meantime. 

Upon Arrival

We follow a simple process for preparing to replace the windshield. Our technicians will:

  • Carefully take off the rearview mirror and windshield wipers.
  • Loosen and remove the rubber gasket that waterproofs the area.
  • Cut through the urethane seal holding the glass in place.
  • Lift out the glass using suction holders.
  • Clear away any shards of glass remaining.

Preparation for Windshield Replacement

With the old glass out of the way, our technician can cut away any polyurethane residue. We take a little time at this point because any leftover polyurethane will interfere with the fit of the new windshield. 

When we are sure that the area is as clean as possible, we prime the surface so that the polyurethane adhesive will stick securely. Finally, we apply the adhesive in the space for the glass.

Once we remove the old window, our technician will use a razor blade to remove any polyurethane left around the perimeter of the windshield footprint. It’s important to remove every bit so that the new windshield attaches seamlessly to the car. Next is the polyurethane primer and the polyurethane adhesive that we caulk into the space where the replacement glass will rest.  

Replacing the Glass

The next stage of a windshield replacement is the trickiest part; we lift the new glass into place using the window holders. The reason that this is tricky is that the new glass piece can way 30 or more pounds. One wrong move, and you can drop it, causing it to shatter. 

Our team moves a little more slowly here to ensure maximum stability and then gently drops the windshield into place. It’s then a short wait as the adhesive dries before we replace the gasket, windshield wipers, and rearview mirror.

Finally, we clean up the area, making sure to remove any fingermarks and residue from the adhesive. The result is a crystal clear windscreen without any impediments to your vision. 

Window Recalibration as an Optional Extra

If your car features an ADAS system, we can provide professional calibration service. If your system is working as it should, it may be necessary to recalibrate it. If, however, the windshield damage was due to a heavy bump, it’s worth checking that these systems are in optimal condition. 


This is part of the job that few people enjoy, so we make it as painless as possible by charging reasonable rates. We use our bulk-buying power to secure the best possible deals on your replacement parts, reducing your overall expense. We accept all major credit cards.

Will Your Auto Insurance Pay?

Most insurance companies offer coverage for windshield replacement. We recommend checking your policy to see what coverage you have. In some cases, you need to claim under your general policy, meaning that the deductible comes into play. Some policies, however, will pay the full replacement costs.

If you are unsure, check with the insurer or your broker.

If you’re still unsure, let us know what happened, and we can walk you through the claims process. 

We Can Come to You

If you’re concerned about driving with your windshield in its current condition, let us know where you are. We provide our technicians with a fleet of vehicles to assist clients in Mesa and the surrounding areas. You need never feel stranded by windshield damage again.

Why Choose Arizona Auto Glass Pros?

Our team of expert technicians is available seven days a week. We have a fleet of vehicles ready to assist with repairing cracked windshields at the place of your choice. We understand how dangerous it is to drive with such damage, so we come to you.

Our technicians work to the highest quality standards, using products from top suppliers to ensure flawless results every time. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

We offer same-day service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the results. If you have any concerns, we’ll take the time to make it right.

Schedule Your Windshield Replacement in Arizona

When it comes to professional windshield replacement, our team is the best in the area. In addition to replacing your windshield, we can also recalibrate your ADAS system, making us your one-stop shop for replacement and recalibration. Call us at (480) 405-3026 to schedule service today!