What to check after windshield replacement

What To Check After Windshield Replacement

Sometimes accidents happen on the road that requires you to replace your vehicle’s windshield. However, even the best auto shops are prone to making installation mistakes during the replacement process. An inadequate windshield replacement can jeopardize your safety and reduce your vehicle’s impact resistance.

That’s why Arizona Auto Glass Pros constructed a guide to teach you what to check after receiving windshield replacement services.

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Your Window Replacement Checklist

Having a robust windshield is crucial for driving safely. Windshields protect you from airborne road debris, heavy winds, and other hazardous materials while traveling, making them an essential aspect of vehicles. Faulty windshield installation can reduce your windshield’s structural integrity, leaving it vulnerable to damage while reducing your safety.

However, If you follow the window replacement checklist below, you can ensure your auto shop installed your vehicle’s windshield optimally.

Check the Glass Quality

Most vehicle owners want their windshields to consist of high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time while protecting them from potential road hazards.

Most auto shops use three primary windshield glass variations:

  • Dealer glass
  • Aftermarket glass
  • OEM glass

Many vehicle repair companies with service authorization sell dealer glass for specific vehicles. It’s quality glass designed for certain car and truck models.

OEM, also called original equipment manufacturer glass, is high-quality glass designed to replicate your vehicle’s initial windshield. It’s similar to dealer glass and consists of the same or near identical materials.

Aftermarket glass is the cheapest windshield type and often contains lower-quality materials. However, most aftermarket windshields carry the same dealership guarantees as OEM and dealer glass.

Every glass variation has a small corner logo that proves the glass’s genuineness. If your new glass has the same corner logo as your original windshield, you can ensure it contains quality materials. However, if the logo differs, consider purchasing a higher-grade windshield.

Examine the Glass Thickness

Glass thickness plays an essential role in the windshield’s quality. However, different cars require different glass thicknesses. Always ensure your new windshield has the same thickness as the original glass to guarantee optimal visibility and protection.

Overly thin windshields can’t handle impacts as well and will chip or crack more frequently. It’s best to measure your vehicle’s original windshield and find a replacement with the same density.

Look for Windshield Blemishes

Windshield replacement requires immense precision. The slightest mistake can cause the windshield to bubble or create unsightly blemishes that obstruct your vision while driving. Although these issues are often small and difficult to spot after installation, they are exceedingly detrimental to the windshield’s integrity and can worsen later on.

Always examine your windshield for bubbles and blemishes after replacing the panel.

Evaluate the Adhesive

Windshields require a robust adhesive to secure to the vehicle efficiently. Low-quality adhesives can’t adequately hold the windshield in place, significantly reducing your safety behind the wheel. Reliable auto shops use polyurethane adhesive to ensure the windshield remains in place throughout the vehicle’s lifespan, even in high-speed crashes and accidents.

Also, mechanics must completely remove the previous adhesive before securing your vehicle’s new windshield. Old adhesive remnants prevent the new glass from securing to your vehicle efficiently, causing it to buckle during significant impacts. If you notice old, dry adhesive around your new windshield’s edges, return to the auto shop and make them re-secure the glass to your vehicle.

You Hear Whooshing Noises While Driving

Whooshing sounds often occur when a mechanic doesn’t install the vehicle’s windshield correctly. Gaps within the rubber seal or fixture create a whooshing noise at high speeds, signifying an insecure windshield. Contact a professional mechanic to re-secure your windshield if you notice a whooshing sound after installation.

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