The Impact of Weather Conditions on Windshield Replacement

The Impact of Weather Conditions on Windshield Replacement

When you need a windshield replacement for your car, unfortunately, you need Mother Nature’s cooperation. Various weather conditions can impact the surface of the glass and challenge the replacement process. Learn how the experts at Arizona Auto Glass Pros approach this project according to the weather. 

This guide uncovers how weather affects the windshield, which conditions are most problematic, and the ideal conditions for replacement. Discover proven tips from our professionals and don’t hesitate to bring your car to our shop when you need replacement windshields, windshield repairs, or more. Our auto glass experts are happy to help in any way.

Understanding the Role of Weather

Consider how the weather impacts your environment. You shiver in extreme cold, sweat in hot temperatures, and need cover from all types of precipitation. Just as these conditions impact you, there are similar effects when it comes to auto glass repairs and replacement. 

Working with glass requires the right conditions for safe use. Extreme temperatures can alter the makeup of the material while any trace of moisture impacts the process as well. If you have a broken windshield, you must understand that the weather may hinder the repair or replacement because of how vulnerable the glass is under certain conditions. 

This is helpful to know especially if you incur any windshield damage during a particular season. For example, a cold stretch will play a big part in the timeline of your replacement, while severe heat can quickly cause a minor crack to spread throughout the glass windshield.

Challenges and Precautions in Extreme Weather

At Arizona Auto Glass Pros, we use heavy-duty adhesives when sealing brand-new windshields into cars. While these materials are strong and fairly versatile, they will not stick properly in certain conditions. Hot temperatures limit the effectiveness of the urethane adhesive. 

Extreme heat can also cause further damage to the windshield. If you have a minor chip or crack in your windshield, high temperatures may cause the crack to spread across the glass. This not only makes for a tougher repair but further limits your visibility while driving. 

On the other hand, extreme cold is equally detrimental to windshield replacement. The resin we apply needs a certain amount of heat to cure and although we can deploy a UV lamp to add heat, it may not do the trick in cold weather. It’s never ideal to need a new windshield during cold stretches because the project takes much longer to successfully complete. 

The final challenging type of weather is rain and other types of precipitation. When moisture seeps into your cracked windshield, it can cause extensive damage unless a professional remove it. To avoid all of these conditions, experts recommend changing the windshield indoors, if possible. 

Optimal Weather Conditions for Windshield Replacement

Even though extreme weather can make the replacement process difficult, there are optimal conditions that you should look out for. Your new glass windshield is in the best position to set when the weather outside is warm and clear. Leaving your damaged windshield with our team in this type of weather facilitates the replacement and doesn’t pose any challenges or drawbacks. 

The resin we use cures best when there is a good amount of natural heat. Rather than using your car’s heater to keep the windshield at a steady temperature, it’s easiest to work when the weather outside is dry and between 70- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. Arizona’s climate simplifies this process, though it’s important to remember the effects of extreme heat and not replace the windshield when the weather outside is over 100 degrees. 

In addition to the right temperature, your car needs to be in a dry environment for an effective windshield replacement. The slightest bit of moisture from precipitation or even condensation needs to be drawn out of any cracks in the windshield. Otherwise, any remaining moisture may alter the appearance of the glass and cause further damage as soon as the temperature drops.

Arizona Auto Glass Pros’ Expertise in Weather-Adaptive Installations

No matter what Mother Nature has in store, our professional team is ready to adapt to the conditions. We use the industry’s best equipment and have years of experience, therefore, we know how to perform foolproof windshield replacements in all conditions. Trust our experts to guide you in the right direction and use our judgment to replace cracked or damaged windshields. 

Our auto glass specialists will assess the conditions before jumping right into a replacement service. Depending on the weather and environment, they will adjust accordingly but make sure you never need to wait long for a new windshield. In ideal conditions, you can count on us to seamlessly install a new windshield onto your vehicle at a fair, affordable price. 

No other company serving Mesa has our level of expertise with this delicate task. You can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands with our team.

Schedule a Professional Windshield Replacement in Arizona

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We use industry-strength adhesives and our technicians understand how different conditions can alter windshields. Trust our team when a broken windshield inhibits your ability to drive. Call us at 480-710-0437 to schedule a service appointment or speak with an auto glass specialist about your needs.  

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