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The Best Times of Year to Have Your Car Windows Tinted

Window tints, or the darkening of your car’s windows, can be a really cool look to add to your car. If you are thinking about getting your car’s windows tinted, it is critical to look at what time of year you are hoping to get the service done. Believe it or not, there are in fact better seasons for you to get this service performed to ensure a long-lasting product. Read on as we discuss when the best time of year is to get your car windows tinted.

About Window Tinting

Window tinting is when you apply a different color, or tint, to your car’s windows. This is typically done to achieve privacy or a certain aesthetic. Other perks to having your car’s windows tinted include added safety and protection from the sun.

Car windows are tinted by an installation of a very thin film to the inside of the car windows. This is cut to the exact size and shape of the window, so with a professionally done tint job, you won’t notice any cracks between the old and the new tint shades. The person installing the tint will typically utilize a squeegee to ensure no air pockets or other imperfections are present, making it literally look like your window has changed colors. 

Following installation, there is a cure time, meaning the windows need to be left alone to ensure total “stick.” Think of it like a phone screen protector; you install it, get out the air bubbles, then let it sit for a while. During the cure time, environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, can play a part in how well (or not) your windows’ tints stick. High humidity and high temperatures, as you might expect, do not bode well for window tints.

What is the Best Time of the Year to do it?

Because of the sensitivity during the cure time, the best two seasons for tinting your windows are spring and fall. The reason for this is that the temperatures in most areas are mild. This, plus a stabilized and decreased humidity level, means that the tinting has the best chance of going on well and lasting. In Arizona, it can be best to do this even later in the fall or earlier in the spring, as we experience much higher temperatures than the rest of the country does.

This is not to say that you can’t get your windows tinted other times of the year. Shops with temperature controls mean that this job can be done year-round. Be sure to consult with your auto glass professional prior to starting the tint job to ensure the conditions are just right for your window tint to last.

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