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System recalibration

What is an ADAS?

ADAS is a system that is installed to improve and enhance both driver and vehicle safety. With cameras and sensors placed inside a car windshield, there is a high chance of its angle and position changing during a glass replacement.

Here at Arizona Auto Glass Pros, we recalibrate your cameras and sensors to ensure the vehicle’s ADAS works as it should after the windscreen replacement. The two types of ADAS calibration that are performed are dynamic or mobile and static or fixed.

Dynamic or Mobile – Dynamic ADAS is often referred to as Mobile Calibration. The reason behind that is that the calibration is performed with our hand-held unit that we plug directly into your vehicle, once our unit is plugged in the vehicle will have to be driven at a speed the manufacturer prescribes over a set distance. Once the test is performed the system becomes used to the road as it should be and is ready to react and respond to unexpected issues. 

Static or Fixed – Static or fixed calibration are performed at our shop, it is performed using a specialist camera and sensor calibration tool. Each car manufacturer has individual calibration settings based on there static ADAS particulars. 

We offer Dynamic & Static ADAS calibration

At Arizona Auto Glass Pros our technicians are certified and trained to calibrate cameras to the manufacturer’s standards. We ensure and conduct the proper calibration to ensure the camera is positioned at the right angle and position to keep you safe on the road.