Stay Focused on the Road Ahead: The Importance of Recalibration

Stay Focused on the Road Ahead: The Importance of Recalibration  

Ever noticed a front-facing camera on or near your windshield? If so, you probably have a modern vehicle with an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that may need recalibration at some point. ADAS systems use cameras, lasers, and radar technology to help make driving safe.  

These systems typically alert you of danger when you drive too close to another vehicle, involuntarily cross a lane, or whenever there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. ADAS systems may also brake your vehicle automatically in case of an incoming collision.   

Many of these functions rely on the camera behind your windshield. Since a windshield replacement involves moving the camera, virtually all car manufacturers recommend a camera recalibration after a windshield replacement to ensure accurate measurements.  

That’s where Arizona Auto Glass Pros comes in. We provide windshield recalibration services throughout Arizona and surrounding areas. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art technology to recalibrate your front camera and ensure your ADAS system works reliably.   

In this post, we highlight the importance of recalibration, what it involves, and much more.  

What Is Windshield Recalibration?  

While the term “windsshield recalibration” may imply that you’re recalibrating the windshield, it’s not the glass itself that needs recalibration but the camera. Once moved out of their initial position, ADAS cameras can’t recalibrate themselves.   

A professional ADAS camera recalibration ensures the proper positioning and aim of your windshield ADAS cameras. Recalibration, therefore, ensures driver assistance functions like lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance braking (AEB), and more work properly.  

Overall, an ADAS recalibration procedure adjusts and tests all the cameras and sensors attached to the windshield to ensure their optimal functionality.   

Why Is Windshield Recalibration Important?  

ADAS technology helps to improve road safety. However, a faulty or poorly calibrated ADAS system endangers drivers and other road users.   

For example, awareness sensors not picking up on nearby pedestrians, vehicles, or objects could be extremely dangerous for drivers who rely on these systems.   

Conversely, a camera that doesn’t communicate efficiently with your braking system may lead to sudden braking, compromising road safety. 

Other reasons calibration is important include:  

  • Lane-keep assist issues might fail to alert you when you veer off-road or even oversteer.  
  • A faulty forward-collision system might lead to otherwise avoidable accidents.  
  • A malfunctioning adaptive cruise control system might over speed on the highway.  

How Does an ADAS System Work?  

ADAS systems come in different types, but they generally work using cameras, sensors, and other technologies to gather data and provide real-time feedback to the driver.   

By helping drivers navigate safely, stay in their lanes, and avoid collisions, ADAS systems play a crucial role in reducing accidents, saving money, and safeguarding lives.  

Examples of ADAS systems with sensors integrated into the windshield include:  

  • Honda Sensing  
  • Ford BlueCruise  
  • Subaru EyeSight  
  • Mazda I-ACTIVSENSE  
  • General Motors Super Cruise  
  • Infiniti ProPILOT Assist  
  • Volkswagen Travel Assist  
  • Toyota Safety Sense  

When Is Windshield Recalibration Necessary?  

Overall, you need to schedule a windshield recalibration whenever something moves your vehicle’s front-facing camera out of its original position. However, we recommend that you regularly calibrate your ADAS system and check its accuracy ratio at least once annually or whenever you get your car serviced.  

The most common vehicle repair requiring windshield recalibration is a windshield replacement. However, many vehicle manufacturers now require a camera recalibration after a wheel alignment or serious accident.  

Circumstances that warrant a windshield recalibration include:  

  • You’re replacing your windshield.
  • Your camera needs removal or replacement.
  • The suspension changes.  
  • You need a wheel realignment. 
  • Someone side-swept your vehicle.
  • You got a fender bender. 
  • You find cracks on your windshield.  
  • You adjust your vehicle’s height.

Types of ADAS Recalibration  

There are two main types of ADAS windshield recalibration procedures.

Static Recalibration  

This type of recalibration occurs when the vehicle is stationary, usually in-store or in a controlled environment. Recalibration experts use special targets in relation to the vehicle’s location to check the accuracy of your vehicle’s ADAS system and make necessary adjustments.

Dynamic Recalibration  

In dynamic recalibration, technicians test the vehicle while driving. The process uses sensors to gather data on the vehicle’s performance on the road, allowing technicians to adjust safety features accordingly and ensure everything works as it should.

Since recalibration requires specialized tools and certified professionals, you should only work with a qualified garage. Recalibration work leaves no room for error. All measurements must be accurate.

Recalibration in Arizona  

Due to the importance of your vehicle’s ADAs system, you need a trusted recalibration expert to ensure your ADAS system works optimally. When you make an appointment with us at Arizona Auto Glass Pros, our team will let you know whether you need recalibration services.  

If so, you can count on our trained experts to complete the recalibration process according to manufacturer specifications. Different vehicle manufacturers require static, dynamic, or both types of vehicle recalibration.  

With our decades of industry experience, you count on us to recalibrate virtually every make, model, and year regardless of the manufacturer. Residents and business owners throughout Arizona trust us to keep their trucks, taxis, and other service vehicles safe and accident-free.  

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