Resale Value Boost: Windshield Replacement & Recalibration

Resale Value Boost: Windshield Replacement & Recalibration

Are you aware of how windshield damage can affect your car’s value? Considering how easy it is to source a replacement windshield, you might not think it is a big deal. Potential buyers, however, feel very differently and see windshield damage as a red flag,

In this post, Arizona Auto Glass Pros explains how windshield replacement in Arizona can improve your car value. They also explain the importance of windshield recalibration in Arizona for vehicle sellers. They will explain how these simple services can reassure potential buyers and get you the best value for the money when you trade in your car.

While it’s easy to crack a windshield and is not a reliable reflection of the vehicle’s condition, it creates a negative impression in the potential client’s mind. Read on to learn more.

Why Is Windshield Damage a Red Flag? 

A Perceived Lack of Maintenance

Potential buyers might wonder why you never got around windshield replacement or if it’s a sign that you either didn’t have the money or view maintenance as unimportant. Either way, it detracts from the car’s value. 


Buyers want cars in sound condition. Every scratch or crack makes the car look older and more neglected. Any sign of physical damage detracts from the aesthetics and can send buyers running. 

Even when buying a used car, people want something that looks decent, and first impressions count. Coming up on the car and seeing a cracked windshield might put them off the rest of the vehicle, even though it is a relatively easy fix. 

Danger and Potential Liability

If you are selling the vehicle privately, people are bound to want to test drive the vehicle. Cracks in the windshield make it difficult for them to focus, potentially causing a nasty accident on the road. 

As the owner of the vehicle, you would be liable for any claims arising from such incidents. While the driver is technically at fault, they might make a valid case that the damage obstructed their view. 

The Cost of Repairs

If you are trading in your vehicle, they will deduct the cost of window replacement from the price they pay. They will also do so at dealership rates, which are bound to be more expensive than if you take your vehicle to an independent contractor. 

Few dealers will take the chance of selling a vehicle with such a repairable blemish, feeling that it negatively impacts the other cars they sell. They may also think it is a sign of poor maintenance and drop the price they offer accordingly. 

You Should Handle Windshield Damage Quickly

You should perform any cosmetic repairs possible to get the best possible price on your vehicle and overcome potential buyers’ objections. It also pays to fix minor issues that affect how well the car runs. 

If your car has suffered rock chip damage, call your auto insurance provider immediately. Many insurance companies include coverage on chipped or cracked windshields. Depending on your policy, you may have to pay a deductible, or they may cover the entire cost. 

Whether or not your insurer pays for the repairs, it’s essential to fix these issues before selling your vehicle. 

Opt for Professional Windshield Replacement in Arizona

Please call our technicians and avail of our convenient mobile service. We will repair minor cracks and chips quickly and efficiently on the side of the road, at your home, or at your office. Did the damage occur on your way to work? Don’t take time off—we’ll come to you. 

In some cases, repairs are impossible. If this is the case, we will expertly replace the windshield. We complete the following careful process to ensure that the replacement goes smoothly:

  • Remove the gasket around the window along with the windshield wipers and rearview mirror.
  • Carefully cut away enough of the polyurethane to free the remaining glass.
  • Lift the glass out of its place using suction cups.
  • Remove any remnants of polyurethane.
  • Prime the surface and apply the adhesive.
  • Place the glass using suction cups again and allow the adhesive to dry. 
  • Tidy any edges so the window looks factory-installed. 

No one will realize that the glass was ever broken when we complete our work, enabling you to get a better price for your vehicle, as the buyer will see fewer defects. 

Windshield Recalibration in Arizona

At Arizona Auto Glass Pros, we also specialize in ADAS recalibration and recommend that you consider this whenever you replace your window or windshield. These systems are relatively sensitive, and a knock hard enough to shatter a windshield is bound to throw them off. 

Other factors might also come into play here. A replacement windshield may be slightly less thick than the original or follow a slightly different curve profile, and reseating the glass might change the angle slightly. These differences are imperceptible to the human eye but may impact how your ADAS system performs. 

Aside from that, it makes sense to ensure that your system is in optimal condition before you sell it. You may have many buyers test-driving the vehicle, and they may cause damage if the system settings are off. 

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