Windshield Replacement

Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Your Windshield Replacement

It can be a real bummer to watch a rock hit your windshield and cause damage. It seems there are plenty of ways your car’s windshield can become damaged, so much so that it might feel unnecessary to get your windshield replaced. On the contrary, having your windshield replaced soon after damage might just be more critical than you might think. Read on as we discuss why you should get the replacement done as soon as possible.

About Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement can be done quicker than you might think, usually within a few hours. You will typically know if your windshield needs to be replaced by estimating the size of your crack or chip. If it’s less than a quarter in size, then it typically can be repaired. Any bigger than that and you’re looking at a replacement. Luckily, a lot of insurance policies actually cover this expense, so you may not have to worry too much about the financial aspect of replacing your windshield.

Reasons to Take Action:

Though it can feel like a big chore or an unnecessary expense, a windshield replacement is very important to get done and have done quickly after the damage has been done. Some reasons this is important include:

Better Visibility

Bigger, more serious windshield damage can really affect your visibility while driving. Even smaller damage, such as a chip, can prevent you from seeing important details about what is going on around you on the road. You definitely don’t want to miss turn signals, pedestrians, or other obstacles because of damage to your windshield. By getting your windshield replaced soon after damage, you can ensure you will have full visibility while driving.

Better Safety

In addition to adding full visibility, a newly replaced windshield can also assist your airbags in being able to deploy, should you be in a crash. Airbags are actually held in place by your windshield, so if there is damage to the windshield, there is a chance they wouldn’t deploy in a crash. Getting it fixed soon will give you peace of mind knowing that your airbags will be able to deploy properly and quickly, should you be in a crash situation.

Minimize Cost to You

Some states will fine you if you are driving a vehicle with a seriously damaged windshield. In addition, little fixes along the way can help you to avoid hefty costs down the line for repairs caused by the damaged windshield. Finally, ensuring your windshield is replaced quickly after damage will help ensure less chances of a crash due to low visibility and less cost to pay for fixing vehicles and financially supporting any recovery you or others need.

Utilize Insurance Coverage If Possible

Many insurance plans include coverage for windshield replacement for the reasons above. Replacing your windshield soon after damage means insurance is more likely to cover it. Be sure to check with your insurance agent if you are not sure if your windshield is covered.

Increase Comfort

Cracked or chipped windshields can let in excess air and water. Sealing these up with a new windshield will help you ensure ultimate comfort for you and your family while traveling within the car.

Arizona Auto Glass Pros Can Help

Arizona Auto Glass Pros is a locally owned auto glass repair and replacement company based in Mesa, Arizona. In addition to our shop, we have a mobile fleet that is ready and able to repair your car wherever it might be. We specialize in repair and replacement, as well as recalibration of ADAS safety systems, so you don’t need to make multiple appointments with multiple shops to get your windshield replaced. We strive for total satisfaction for all of our clients, utilizing fast and quality service with the best professionals in the business. We know that having a damaged windshield is something you need done fast, which is why we are open for business 7 days a week to serve you and your family.

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