Quality and Convenience: The Two Hallmarks of Arizona Auto Glass Pros

Quality and Convenience: The Two Hallmarks of Arizona Auto Glass Pros 

The windshield plays a crucial role as part of your vehicle’s safety system. It provides clear visibility while you drive and protects you from the elements. While glass manufacturers design windshields to last, a time will come when you’ll need a windshield replacement. 

Our licensed technicians at Arizona Auto Glass Pros provide top-notch windshield replacement services throughout Arizona and surrounding areas. We use high-quality windshield replacement glass from top suppliers in the country. Our team has the credentials to replace windshields in just about every vehicle make, model, and year. 

In this article, we highlight the different types of auto glass, the benefits of quality auto glass, and when to replace or repair your windshield, among other things.  

Types of Auto Glass 

Windshield replacement glass comes in a wide range of options. The main types of auto glass replacement windshields include: 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Glass

This type of windshield replacement is made by the same manufacturer as the original windshield that came with your vehicle. OEM windshields meet the quality standards and exact specifications of the original windshield.  

Aftermarket Windshields

Third-party manufacturers make these windshields to fit a wide range of vehicle makes and models. They’re the most affordable windshield replacement option. 

Aftermarket glass may vary significantly in quality, so do your research and purchase only from a reputable company. 

Dealer Glass

Built to manufacturer specifications, dealer glass typically comes at a higher price than other types of auto glass. Manufacturers produce dealer glass for the specific make and model of your vehicle. 

Upgraded Glass

Some windshield manufacturers offer windshields with upgraded features or materials, such as enhanced UV protection and durability. Expect to pay more for upgraded glass than aftermarket or OEM options. 

Benefits of Quality Auto Glass from Arizona Auto Glass Pros 

High-quality auto glass guarantees comfortable and safe driving. Investing in high-quality auto glass comes with long-lasting benefits and peace of mind. Additional benefits of high-quality auto glass include: 

  • More comfortable temperatures: High-quality glass helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about getting too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter, making for a pleasant driving experience. 
  • Better protection from UV rays: High-quality auto glass boasts superior protection from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. 
  • Better window strength: High-quality glass can withstand impact better than low-quality glass. 
  • Cost and time savings: Quality glass will be less likely to break or crack, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming repairs and replacements. 
  • Better fit: Properly fitted quality glass provides a better seal against the elements compared to lower-quality automotive windows. A better fit prevents leaks and reduces noise levels. 

Windshield Replacement vs. Repair

Once you notice any damage on your windshield, you need to determine whether to fix or replace it with an entirely new windshield. Consider the following factors when making your decision: 

  • The extent of vehicle impact: If the windshield incurs damage that impairs your visibility or compromises your car’s safety in the event of a collision, we recommend a windshield replacement. However, you may be able to fix minor issues. 
  • Size of the chip or crack: If the chip is less than an inch or if the crack is shorter than a foot in length, a windshield repair may suffice. However, damage larger than 14 inches across needs a windshield replacement. 
  • Location of the damage: Damage near the edge or corner of the windshield calls for a replacement. If the damage isn’t close to the outer margin of the glass, consider repair. 
  • Depth of damage: While you can fix damage on the outer layer of the windshield, you might have to replace the windshield if the inner layer of glass sustains damage. 

Extending the Life of Your Windshield

Keeping your vehicle’s windshield in good condition helps extend its life. The following tips will help you maintain your windshield and keep it clean, free of cracks, and safe for as long as possible: 

  • Fix small chips and cracks: Fixing small (smaller than a quarter) chips and cracks on your windshield as soon as possible prevents the need for a costly replacement. 
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Park your car in a shaded area to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and protect your car against frost with a windshield cover. 
  • Exercise caution when driving: Stay alert when driving on unpaved or gravel roads and try to avoid following other vehicles too closely, as rocks and debris kicked up by other vehicles may damage your windshield. 
  • Check windshield wipers: Worn or damaged wipers may scratch and damage your windshield over time. Check your wiper blades regularly and replace them as needed. 
  • Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning helps to remove built-up dirt, debris, and grime that may damage your windshield glass over time. 
  • Park safely: Don’t park your vehicle under trees during winter as falling ice may damage your windshield. 

Windshield Replacement in Arizona 

From windshield installation and replacement to glass repairs, count on Arizona Auto Glass Pros to do the job right the first time. We’re a locally owned auto glass repair and replacement and system calibration company with years of experience, so trust us to provide a safe and secure windshield replacement every time. 

Reach out to our friendly team for the quickest and safest services at the most competitive rates.

Don’t let a damaged windshield compromise your driving safety. Contact Arizona Auto Glass Pros today at 480-605-3976 to request a free quote. We pride ourselves on quality products and excellent customer service.

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