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Recent Developments in Windshield Technology

Since the invention of the automobile, the automotive industry has continuously welcomed technological progressions to provide better driving experiences year after year. These improvements include safety, efficiency, safety, and comfort. 

Windshields are among the most valuable features that cars can have today. Although they began as luxury parts that weren’t common, they now are a feature we couldn’t live without. Windshields protect your car and keep you safe. Plus, just imagine how many bugs would get in your teeth if you didn’t have a windshield. Gross! 

 As technology continues to advance, so will windshields. In this article, we will be checking out some of the newest and most profound key developments in windshield technology.

New Windshield Technologies

Panoramic Windshields

Tesla’s Model X has become the first panoramic windshield globally, with a total surface area of 31 square feet. In the market, it is currently one of the largest windshields. The Model X’s windshield glass spreads from the front of the car, over your head, as well as both the driver and the passenger seats. 

Since nearly the entire roof of the Model X is transparent, the entire vehicle gets filled with natural light during the day and views of the stars at night.

Display Projection

Display projection enables the driver to pair their smartphone with the car’s windshield while driving. This technology improves safety and productivity because the driver can observe their smartphones, maps, and other driver applications without getting distracted on the road. In addition, display projection allows you to text, call or command your smartphone by utilizing Bluetooth windshield pairing.

Silver Embedded Glass

In hot regions, cars become a sauna if parked for long. But, on the other hand, cars become hot when the glass traps the sun’s heat when it enters the vehicle. The presence of silver in windshield glass can resolve this dilemma by reflecting nearly 60% of the sun’s rays.

 Furthermore, during the winters, nobody wants their windshields to freeze. Since silver is one of the best conductors of electricity, windshields carrying bits of silver can be electrified and applied to heat the car. Silver also allows for easy removal of snow from the screen, allowing the unobstructed driver visibility.

Smart Windshield Glass

You can now get smart windshields that project displays through connecting to your phone. This technology is known as a “heads-up display.”  Smart glass can keep your eyes straight on the road by arranging the data on the windshield itself.

Windshields You Can Heat Up

Too much heat and continuous, direct sunlight are bad for your windshield’s health, but so can the fog and condensation that cold weather brings. So, we now have the technology to heat your car during the coldest months of the year, remove the moisture and frost on your windshield, and help you drive safely.

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