Ensuring a Perfect Fit: Custom Windshield Replacement Solutions

Ensuring a Perfect Fit: Custom Windshield Replacement Solutions 

A broken windshield is not just a danger but an inconvenience. You need a reliable windshield replacement so you can safely return to the road, but why settle for a standard glass repair when you can drive with a custom windshield? The auto glass experts at Arizona Auto Glass Pros break down everything you should know about custom windshield replacement in the event you need this service. 

Learn how we measure and fit custom windshields, the options available, and why you should consider this service if you have windshield damage. We are happy to provide you with the right solution. 

The Importance of Custom Windshield Replacement

In some cases, custom windshield replacements are not only beneficial but necessary. Most car manufacturers produce excess windshields for their newer models which makes it easy to replace one when you drive a newer car. 

However, a manufacturer’s equipment is not always readily available, especially if you drive a vintage car. In this case, your only solution is installing custom replacement windshields, also known as an Original Equipment Equivalent or OEE. This aftermarket replacement glass tends to be less expensive than the original supplier’s but uses reverse engineering to closely meet the factory specifications. 

Whether a factory replacement is unavailable for your vehicle or you simply want to save money by opting for an OEE, Arizona Auto Glass Pros is here to help. We specialize in replacing and recalibrating windshields to make your car as safe and secure as possible. Trust our experts for unbeatable service.

Assessing and Measuring for Custom Windshield Replacement

If your windshield needs replacing, the first thing any auto glass specialist will look for is a label on the corner of the glass. Manufacturers print detailed labels on the windshield’s surface so crews can easily pinpoint the type of glass and find the replacement windshield that corresponds with that make and model. However, if this label is not present, measuring a custom windshield takes a bit more effort. 

Aftermarket windshield manufacturers must track down the original factory equipment and recreate it using reverse engineering. The thickness, clarity, and other aspects of the aftermarket replacement glass may not be an exact match for the original. However, this process undergoes federal safety regulations so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be safe with an aftermarket replacement.

Glass fabrication manufacturers must measure precisely to ensure that the windshield will fit your vehicle, otherwise, there is a risk of leaks or further damage. This process requires unmatched attention to detail and the right technology to closely mirror the original equipment. Although there will be some minor differences with the final result, your custom windshield will serve you well. 

Discover all the benefits of a custom windshield. 

Customization Options and Benefits

Choosing a custom windshield replacement gives you versatility depending on the make and model of your car. Older, classic cars in particular can stay in great shape with a durable glass windshield even when factory replacements are unavailable. You don’t have to compromise your car’s appearance or safety by opting for a custom replacement. 

The other major benefit is the cost of a custom windshield versus a factory replacement. Aftermarket windshields tend to be cheaper than installing the manufacturer’s original model, which is especially vital if your insurance fails to cover it. You can save money but still end up with a high-quality windshield that meets your needs.

A huge perk of going with an aftermarket windshield is that you get to customize it however you wish. This doesn’t only mean certain aspects of the glass, but rather the material itself. There are sturdy engineered plastic options if you don’t want to use conventional glass. 

Acrylic and polycarbonate windshields are far more lightweight than glass ones and in some instances, provide greater durability. A rock can puncture a glass windshield since one area takes all the impact. However, engineered plastic solutions absorb more of the shock to minimize the damage. 

Arizona Auto Glass Pros’ Expertise in Custom Windshield Replacement

When it comes to replacing windshields, you won’t find anyone better than Arizona Auto Glass Pros. We have years of industry experience and source our materials from trusted suppliers. Combine that with friendly technicians and fair prices, and you’ve got a foolproof solution for windshield replacement. 

We understand the complexities of fitting cars and trucks with windshields and promise to complete the project in a timely manner so you can get back behind the wheel. You’ll never have to worry about leaks since we use top-of-the-line adhesives that make your windshield last. Above all, we are here to answer any questions you have and aim to ensure your safety and comfort. 

Let our experts take care of all your needs. We’ll carefully bond your windshield with custom curvature to your vehicle and guarantee your satisfaction. Discover why we are the best auto glass repair and replacement company in Mesa, AZ. 

Schedule a Custom Windshield Replacement in Arizona 

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