Don't Let a Damaged Windshield Put You at Risk

Don’t Let a Damaged Windshield Put You at Risk 

A cracked or chipped windshield presents serious safety concerns for drivers. Cracked windshields appear unsightly and reduce your car’s value, but the broken glass also decreases visibility and makes driving much more difficult. Always seek windshield replacement and repairs for your vehicle immediately after identifying any damage. 

Auto glass experts have the skills and training to repair windshield damage, recalibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and protect your windshield from further harm. A damaged windshield puts other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in harm’s way and fails to meet Arizona’s windshield laws and regulations. Cracked windshields lead to failed car inspections, deadly car accidents, and unsafe driving conditions for other drivers. 

This blog explores the various dangers of driving with a damaged windshield. Strengthen your vehicle’s structural integrity, reduce the risk of car accidents, and improve visibility by considering the following tips. Keeping Arizona’s roads beautiful and safe starts with protecting and maintaining your car’s windshield. 

Understanding the Importance of Windshields

Before windshields, goggles were once used to protect drivers from dirt, debris, inclement weather conditions, and dust particles. Windshields didn’t become standard features in cars until 1915, an enormous leap in car safety. Technological improvements and automated manufacturing processes have transformed windshields from luxury items available only to wealthy drivers into an affordable necessity for drivers all across the world. 

Your entire windshield consists of various materials, aggregates, and sheeting designed to protect drivers from car accidents, precipitation, airborne pollutants, and harsh UV radiation. Windshield manufacturers primarily use laminate glass for car windshields, two-layer temperature-treated glass sandwiched between a single vinyl sheet. High-temperature exposure on laminate glass ensures proper glass adhesion to the front and rear of your vehicle. 

Additional benefits of modern windshield replacement in Arizona include:

  • Improved durability
  • Protection from UVA and UVB light 
  • Improved visibility 
  • Longer glass lifespan 
  • Protection from shattered glass 
  • Improved safety in car accidents
  • Increased customization options 

Arizona’s laws and regulations strictly enforce windshield safety, so contact auto glass repair services promptly after noticing any windshield damage. Without the protection of windshields, car owners face countless dangers and hazards while driving. Improve your driving experience and protect other drivers by learning more about the risks of driving with a cracked windshield. 

Dangers of Driving with a Damaged Windshield 

If you’ve ever driven and seen a driver carelessly driving with a heavily damaged windshield, you understand the importance of windshield replacement. Large cracks in a windshield significantly reduce visibility, expose drivers to road debris, and risk completely shattering at any time. No one expects a windshield to break completely, but drivers can minimize safety concerns by considering the following consequences of driving with a damaged windshield: 

Insurance Expenses 

Contact windshield replacement experts immediately if your car windshield has a small crack or chip. Many insurance companies may only cover the costs of minor repairs and not complete windshield replacements in Arizona. Waiting until cracks and chips become larger and more dangerous may force car owners to cover the total cost of windshield replacement themselves. 

A small windshield crack proves easy and straightforward to repair by trained professionals. Advanced resins and sealants repair minor cracks and require only one day of servicing. Conversely, a complete windshield replacement can limit the use of your car for multiple days. 

Damaged ADAS Systems 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have revolutionized the driving experience. Tiny cameras mounted on the front and rear of your car provide backup assistance, changing lane alerts, and cruise-control features. Cracked, chipped, or displaced windshields may reduce the functionality and performance of ADAS systems. 

If you heavily rely on ADAS systems while driving, damaged windshields can expose you to sudden and unexpected car accidents. Many auto glass professionals offer additional ADAS recalibration services to keep your car free from harm. Get the most out of your car’s advanced features by seeking windshield replacements and repairs shortly after noticing the damage. 

Reduced Windshield Structural Integrity 

Compromised windshields break much more easily than adequately cleaned, repaired, and maintained windshields. For example, a small pebble kicked up by a nearby tractor-trailer may bounce off a professionally maintained windshield. Conversely, even the smallest pebble can completely shatter your cracked windshield, a dangerous occurrence that puts you and other drivers in serious jeopardy. 

Laminate glass has impressive tensile strength, but it may weaken if not cared for properly. Avoid distressing and dangerous windshield breakages by exploring low-cost maintenance services and windshield replacements near you. 

Windshield Maintenance Tips for Arizona Car Owners 

Protecting your windshield from damage may prove more straightforward than you think. Consider the following tips for protecting your windshield from damage: 

Weekly Windshield Inspections 

Take 15 minutes weekly to inspect and clean your car’s windshield. Weekly inspections ensure proper visibility through your windshield and help car owners catch small cracks before they become serious safety concerns. 

Windshield Cleaning 

Use a microfiber cloth, high-quality glass cleaner, and warm water to remove bird droppings, streaks, smudges, and stains from your front and rear windshields bi-weekly. Regularly cleaned windshields improve every aspect of the driving experience. Windshield replacement experts can help you with all your windshield maintenance needs to help you extend the life of your windshield. 

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