Don't Forget to Recalibrate Your Windshield A Guide for Car Owners

Don’t Forget to Recalibrate Your Windshield: A Guide for Car Owners 

Every driver should understand the importance of windshield replacement, but did you know many car owners neglect seeking recalibration services? Most modern cars come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that improve every aspect of the driving experience. Changing-lane alerts, backup assistance, and collision detection systems all rely on properly functioning ADAS.

Small cameras and sensors installed on the front and rear windshields capture images of the area around your car. These images alert drivers of speeding vehicles, nearby drivers, and help cruise control features operate optimally. Even the slight displacement of your car’s ADAS can have dangerous consequences.

If you plan on repairing your windshield, speak to your local auto glass experts about also receiving complete ADAS recalibration in Arizona. Many ADAS recalibrations only take about one hour and significantly improve your driving experience. This blog explains the importance and necessity of windshield recalibration for drivers in Arizona.

Understanding Windshield Recalibration 

You may not realize the importance of ADAS, but every modern vehicle comes equipped with some form of a computer system that aids the driving process. First developed in the 1970s, original models of ADAS have evolved significantly over the past 50 years. Many advanced windshield-mounted computer systems can alert you of dangerous drivers, nearby pedestrians when backing up, and cars located in your blind spots. 

The first ADAS primarily focused on anti-lock braking systems and traction control improvements. Today, ADAS include countless features, including: 

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Cross traffic alerts 
  • Parking assistance 
  • Traffic sign recognition 
  • Collision avoidance 
  • Rear collision warnings 
  • Emergency braking 

Prompt response to stressors ensures safe driving practices and proves especially useful during inclement weather conditions. Additional panels and sensors on your vehicle’s front, sides, and rear provide unmatched detection and vehicle safety. Auto glass experts have the equipment, training, and experience to effectively recalibrate your entire ADAS. 

Windshield Recalibration Guide 

Windshield recalibration sounds like a lengthy, complex procedure, but many recalibrations take less than one hour. However, never attempt to recalibrate your windshield without the supervision of professionals. Misaligned or improperly installed front-facing cameras may disrupt your ADAS and cause numerous problems while driving. 

The multi-step windshield recalibration process involves the following: 

Static and Dynamic Recalibration 

Your car’s make and model will determine whether experts use dynamic or static windshield recalibration. Static recalibration occurs indoors and uses computerized diagnostic systems to evaluate the safety and function of your ADAS. Experts use laser precision tools and target boards to test and calibrate a misaligned ADAS successfully. 

Dynamic recalibrations involve running a Diagnostic Trouble Code scan and driving your vehicle for one hour. This recalibration process takes slightly longer than static recalibrations but may prove necessary for certain vehicles. Computerized diagnostic tools quickly identify any irregularities or problems with your ADAS, making recalibrating windshields far more straightforward. 

Windshield Safety and Performance 

Your local windshield experts have a moral and legal responsibility to align your ADAS properly during any windshield repairs or replacements. If you receive repairs for your windshield and the professionals you hire say, “no adjustments to the ADAS were necessary” or “we didn’t touch the ADAS,” consider this a red flag. Minute movements, small particulates of debris, and displacement of the ADAS have far-reaching, deadly consequences for drivers. 

An ADAS or camera moved even one millimeter can cause your car’s computer system to misevaluate traffic patterns, fail to identify nearby pedestrians, and cause serious accidents. Before receiving windshield repairs, ensure the professionals working on your vehicle have proper ADAS training and equipment to prevent catastrophic accidents from occurring. 

ADAS Repairs and Replacements

High-quality recalibration involves thorough inspections and testing of the many components of your car’s ADAS. Features of your car’s advanced driving assistance system include: 

  • Mono MPC
  • Stereo MPC
  • GHz radar 
  • Lidar
  • Mono MPC brackets
  • Ultrasound radars 
  • Cameras

All ADAS components work together to create a safer driving experience. Experts should evaluate every camera, sensor, indicator, and bracket for signs of damage, misalignment, and debris accumulation. Opti-Aim calibration systems help recalibration experts run diagnostics, test your ADAS, and prepare your vehicle for the road. 

Importance of Windshield Recalibration 

Proper windshield recalibration proves as essential as functioning airbags, seatbelts, and emergency breaks. Without a properly functioning ADAS, your car’s safety suffers immeasurable harm. Experts recommend seeking recalibration services every two years if you use your vehicle modestly and rarely traverse bumpy, dirt, or back roads. 

Every time you receive tire realignment services or car repairs, you should also consider getting windshield recalibration services. Installing after-market tires may change your vehicle’s alignment, height, and maneuverability, potentially affecting your ADAS. Work with licensed, insured, and highly trained windshield replacement experts to ensure the proper function of your car’s safe driving systems. 

Avoid working with car mechanics who seem reluctant or unwilling to adjust your ADAS. Car windshield technologies continue to expand, resulting in fewer car mechanics trained in advanced safe-driving features. Take the time to find highly trained experts with the tools and resources to keep your ADAS in pristine condition. 

Expert Windshield Recalibration Services in Maricopa County 

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