DIY vs. Professional Windshield Recalibration Pros and Cons

DIY vs. Professional Windshield Recalibration: Pros and Cons

Recalibrating your car’s windshield is a crucial treatment following a crash, windshield replacements, and suspension changes, among other factors. Learn more about this important process and the differences between doing it yourself versus going to a professional service company. This guide will reveal everything you need to know about windshield recalibration and how you should approach it. 

While it’s certainly possible to calibrate your vehicle’s windshield, the experts at Arizona Auto Glass Pros are more than happy to step in and help. Reach out to our team today to schedule professional service for preparing windshield damage, accurate recalibration, and more. 

Understanding Windshield Recalibration

Before we dive into the pros and cons of both DIY and professional windshield recalibration, it’s important to understand the service itself. So what is windshield recalibration? It actually has nothing to do with the piece of glass, but rather cameras and sensors. 

Car manufacturers utilize Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as a main safety feature. These systems include high-tech cameras and sensors that give collision warnings, lane departure warnings, and more so you can stay safe behind the wheel. Replacing your windshield means that the system needs recalibrating so it can continue to keep you safe. 

The process involves conducting two different tests: static and dynamic recalibration. The former keeps the car’s sensors still while the latter involves the movement of driving at a steady speed around fixed objects. The calibration process is complete once the ADAS sensor passes both tests according to the manufacturer’s standards. 

Pros and Cons of DIY 

If you choose to handle calibrating your windshield yourself, there are a few advantages in your favor. One of them is having freedom and convenience on your side. Many DIY enthusiasts like that they can take on projects according to their schedule instead of someone else’s. 

You can enjoy working on your windshield on your own time and if this is a new skill, you can take pride in finishing the challenge. Another benefit is the cost factor, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage. Your out-of-pocket costs may be lower if you already have the necessary tools and your insurance doesn’t cover a professional service. 

On the other hand, DIY windshield calibration comes with its downsides. There is always a safety concern when you trust anybody but an expert for a car service. By taking on this task, you need to be aware of the safety risks, especially if you lack the knowledge and experience of recalibrating windshields. 

No professional service means no warranty if anything goes wrong. Instead, you are left figuring out the solution on your own or going to an expert. This can ultimately cost you more money in repair costs and set you back to square one. 

Benefits of Professional Windshield Recalibration

When you trust a professional to calibrate your windshield, you can reap several benefits. At the top of the list is increased safety. Our team keeps up with industry safety standards for car ADAS systems so you can drive off with peace of mind and avoid hazardous situations on the road.

Professional recalibration, along with other windshield treatments, are usually covered by most auto insurance policies so you may not have to pay much, if anything, out of pocket. Ask your insurance provider if they cover this service before you schedule an appointment. If the cost concerns you, reach out to a local car service company for a quote and inquire about any discounts or rebates available like Arizona Auto Glass Pros offers. 

Because windshield recalibration adds to your car’s safety features, it increases the value of your vehicle. Say you’re looking for a new car after many years of use. You can book a recalibration service and use it as a major selling point to prospective buyers. 

Finally, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your ADAS system is up-to-date and backed up by a professional warranty. Should you have future problems, our capable team can solve them fast. 

Making the Right Choice 

Given all the benefits of having your windshields professionally recalibrated, there’s no question that you should turn to a car service company. Arizona Auto Glass Pros is the ideal choice when you need a reliable and trustworthy source for treating your windshields. We have years of industry experience and utilize the right tools and techniques to set you up for maximum safety. 

Getting back to your daily routine is important and we understand the urgency of getting your car ready to drive. Our team works quickly and effectively to calibrate your windshield to industry standards so you can hit the road with ease. You’ll love the convenience of this service as well as the low prices and rebates we offer. 

Get the most out of your vehicle by turning to Arizona Auto Glass Pros for expert windshield replacement and recalibration. No other car service company in Mesa can compete with us.

Schedule Windshield Recalibration in Arizona 

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