The Differences Between OEM And OEE Windshields

When you need to replace a cracked or broken windshield, you have one of two options — an OEM and OEE windshield. 

Most people are at a loss at which one to choose since they don’t understand the difference between the two types of windshields. 

At Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement in Meza, Arizona, we carry both OEM and OEE windshields. So, it’s best that you understand the difference, so you can make the best choice when replacing a broken windshield. 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM stands for Original Equipment manufacturer windshield and is identical to the auto glass installed on your vehicle at the assembly line. OEM windshields are fabricated by the same manufacturer that made the original auto glass for the carmakers. 

Therefore, an OEM windshield will match the shape, thickness, color, fit, and durability of the windshield that came with your vehicle. 

Since OEM windshields have the same specs as the original auto glass, they offer a perfect fit and will ensure all options connected to your windshield work flawlessly. 

OEM windshields are readily identifiable because they bear the automaker’s name and logo. 

Typically, OEM glass is more durable than the aftermarket varieties but is more expensive. Depending on the model, the price of an OEM windshield can be up to 60% higher.

OEM auto glass is fabricated by the original manufacturer specific to the replacement market. It’s produced in every detail using the same production process and equipment. In some instances, they’re produced by different companies but maintain the same exacting standards. 

In some cases, automakers let glass manufacturers fabricate extra pieces with the original batch. That allows car manufacturers to distribute the surplus OEM auto glass to distributors and car dealerships. 

Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE)

Short for Original Equipment Equivalent, OEE windshields resemble OEM auto glass, but they lack the carmaker’s name and logo. An OEE windshield will bear the glass maker’s logo instead of the automaker’s logo. 

Often the OEE windshields are fabricated in the same assembly lines as the OEM windshield. This batch of windshields is made specifically for the replacement market, not for the assembly line. They are made to the same standards as the original auto glass, save for the difference in the logos. 

While such OEE windshields are made to the same standards as the OEM, they don’t carry a premium price tag. They’re perfect for the motorist looking for an affordable windshield replacement option.

But not all OEE windshields are made equal.

Some OEE windshields are made by independent glass companies. Such aftermarket windshield manufacturers have no relationships with carmakers. Therefore, they can only create copies of the windshields. Copyright laws prohibit them from creating a replica of the original auto glass.

While an OEE windshield will have the same fit and shape as the original, the color, thickness, color, UV protection, and durability may vary. Some accessories connected to the windscreen may not work properly.


  • Quality: OEM glass is identical to your original windshield and is fabricated to the exact manufacturing standards set by the carmaker. The quality of OEE depends on the manufacturing company, but they meet the safety requirements set by the Department of Transportation. 
  • Price: Naturally, OEM glass carries a higher price tag than OEE because it comes with the car maker’s stamp of approval. Some OEE windshields deliver the same quality as OEM glass but at a lower price. 
  • Availability: Typically, OEE glass manufacturers outnumber OEM manufacturers. Hence, OEE windshields are more readily available for most car make and models than OEM glass. You’re less likely to find OEM auto glass for older car models. 
  • Insurance coverage: Most auto insurance policies won’t cover the full cost of OEM windshield replacement. Hence, you might have to settle for an OEE or top up the difference out of pocket. It’s best to talk to your insurer to understand where you stand with OEM windshield replacement. 

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The choice of a replacement windshield depends on your budget and personal preference. If you need to replace your windshield but aren’t sure if OEM or OEE is the best choice for you, we can help. 

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