5 Reasons Why Windshields Crack

If you have never experienced a cracked windshield, consider yourself lucky. Windshields are the number one insurance claim in the U.S., according to the Insurance Journal. There are numerous reasons a windshield can crack, and in Arizona, we have the highest rate of cracked windshields in the country. Let’s look at some common causes of cracked windshields and how easily they can be taken care of through the experienced staff at Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement.

Hot Temps and Sunlight

Here in Mesa and the rest of the Valley of Phoenix, it gets hot. We all know that. Extreme heat can be hard on a windshield, and its positioning in the car places it at risk for even more direct sunlight. Heat causes a windshield to expand which can lead to cracks and chips.

Additionally, sudden fluctuations in temperature can cause stress on the glass. When we get into a hot car, we immediately turn on our air conditioners. This causes a quick change to the windshield temperature which can also cause cracking.

To avoid heat-related cracks, whenever possible, park away from direct sunlight. Try to avoid drastically changing the temperature inside your car, but rather let it cool off slowly.

Foreign Objects

Every day we drive behind trucks, along gravel roads, and park under trees. Any one of these things can be a hazard for your windshield.

  • Gravel roads and rocks can fly up from cars in front of you and fly into your windshield. The best way to avoid this is to keep your distance from other vehicles no matter what type of road.
  • It is often beyond our control, but we can end up driving behind construction trucks, or trucks carrying debris and a variety of other objects, which can bump out of the backend. Try to avoid following behind such trucks, but if you are stuck behind one, stay a safe distance away.
  • Parking underneath a shady tree can seem like a good idea, but trees often lose their branches, small and large, which could end up cracking your windshield or denting your roof or hood. Whenever possible try to find another source for shade.
  • We have all seen TV shows or commercials with kids playing ball resulting in that ball going through a window or hitting a car. It happens in real life too! A well-hit softball or baseball can crack a windshield.

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Arizona law requires insurance companies to offer a zero-deductible option for a windshield replacement if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. Check to make sure you have this auto glass insurance waiver to get your windshield replaced. We accept and work with most major insurance companies.

In Arizona, you can be cited for driving with a cracked windshield if the crack is considered a risk to the driver and/or passengers’ safety. Driving with a crack or chip in your windshield can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. One obvious reason is that a crack can impair the driver’s vision.

But a crack in the windshield glass often weakens the windshield. This can lead to it breaking at any time, especially when driving. If it breaks not only will glass fly into the driver and any passengers, but the roof can collapse, and the incident can lead to an accident involving other vehicles, drivers, and their passengers.

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